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    Welcome to the Rosalia Schools ** Counseling Center**

    Welcome to the counseling center webpage!  This is my fifth year in my "dream job" here at Rosalia Elementary and Secondary School.  I graduated high school from East Valley High School in Spokane and attended Eastern Washington University where I received both my B.S. in Applied Psychology and my M.S. in Applied Psychology with a School Counseling Emphasis.

    Please continually check in to see new updates and information regularly. See something you don't like? Have suggestions to make this page better? Contact me! This site is for you and I want it to be user friendly.

    On this website you will find several different pages.  Please check the Scholarship Information page for updates about scholarships.  As a scholarship comes in I will be giving a copy to seniors as well as uploading it here on the webpage.


    The FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) is an SUPER important document that all seniors should fill out ASAP. Follow the link if you don't have yours completed yet.