Public Notices

A school district is required by federal law to publish annual notification items to their community. Below you will find the official notification for: Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, Non-Discrimination statement, Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act, Dangerous Weapons Policy, Smoking Prohibited, Drug-Free Schools, Pesticide Notification Policy. Highly Capable Program and Making a Grievance or Complaint of Discrimination or Sexual Harassment.

Highly Capable Program

Annual Notification Announcement WAC 392-170-042

As part of Rosalia School District’s commitment to student learning, we offer opportunities for learning enrichment through the K-12 Highly Capable Program.

Highly capable students perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others of their age, experiences, or environments.

Learning characteristics include

  1. the capacity to learn with unusual depth of understanding, to retain what has been learned, and to transfer learning to new situations
  2. the capacity and willingness to deal with increasing levels of abstraction and complexity earlier than their chronological peers
  3. creative ability to make unusual connections among ideas and concepts
  4. the ability to learn quickly in their area(s) of intellectual strength
  5. the capacity for intense concentration and focus

Any teacher, parent/guardian, student, or community member who has knowledge of the student’s abilities may refer a student for entry into Rosalia’s Highly Capable Program.  Referral forms are available on the Rosalia School District’s main office.  Referrals may be submitted at any time during the academic year and parental permission will be obtained before conducting any assessments for eligibility.

Student eligibility for the Highly Capable Program is determined through the professional judgment of a multidisciplinary committee through the use of multiple criteria including:

  1. Academic achievement
  2. Teacher and parent recommendations
  3. Evidence of highly capable learning characteristics
  4. Cognitive test scores

The Highly Capable Committee will review nominations periodically throughout the year and families will be notified by mail of the screening results.

Please contact Hilory Brown at for further information.

Public Notices Continued

Dangerous Weapons Policy

It is a violation of state law for any person to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon on school premises, school provided transportation or areas of other facilities being used for school activities. The law outlines exceptions in certain cases, i.e., security activities, firearm safety lecture/course, law enforcement officers, etc.

Smoking Prohibited

Smoking is prohibited in all district buildings, facilities and vehicles.

Drug Free Schools

Drugs, alcohol and schools do not mix. Schools are required to meet certain guidelines to qualify for federal funds. In striving to meet those guidelines, patrons are hereby notified of the Rosalia School District policy. Rosalia School District supports abstinence from alcohol and other drugs for all students in order that their development can reach full intellectual, emotional, social and physical potentials.

Pesticide Notification Policy

The 2001 state legislature passed House Bill 1451 that requires school districts to notify the public of our pest control and herbicide use. An interested person can register with the school district to receive notification of pesticide application or can contact us for any information on our pesticide policy. For more information contact Marshall Howard at 523-3061 – ext. 3005.
**•**Download a PDF of thePesticide Notification Policy.

Special Education Notice

For Rosalia Parents: If you have any questions regarding your special education student, you have the right to request copies of policies, procedures, evaluations, plans and reports by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at 523-3061.

The district welcomes public participation and input regarding the planning and operating of the district’s special education program. For further information, please contact Brett Baum, Superintendent, at 523-3061 – ext. 3118.

Public Meeting Notice

The public is invited to attend Rosalia School District public meetings. If you require any reasonable accommodation to enable you to attend/and or participate, please contact Matt McLain, the District’s Section 504/ADA coordinator at 523-3061 – ext. 3170, 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act

Rosalia School District, in conformance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) permits parents/guardians or students to:

    • Inspect and review the student’s education records
    • Request the amendment of the student’s education records to ensure that they are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other’s rights;
    • Consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records except to the extent that the act and regulations in this part authorize disclosure without consent;
    • File with the U.S. Department of Education a complaint under Section 99.64 concerning alleged failures by the school or the district to comply with the requirements of the act and their part; and
    • To obtain copies of policies 3600, “student records” and 4340, “Public Access to District Records,” adopted by the district from the district administration office.

Student records shall be released to another school district where the student has enrolled or intends to enroll, upon official request from the District. At the time of transfer of records, the parent/guardian/custodian or adult-age student may receive a copy of the records at his/her expense, if requested, and shall have an opportunity to challenge the contents of the records. Information contained in the cumulative folders and administrative records of a student shall be released to persons, prospective employers, and organizations other than the student, parent/guardian/custodian or adult-age student with exceptions limited to directory information, legal requirements, or in connection with an emergency to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons.

Asbestos Hazard (AHERA) Notification

In compliance with federal legislation, this school district has contracted with Environmental Protection Agency accredited personnel and has completed AHERA inspections and management plans for all school district buildings.

The inspection discovered some friable and/or no friable ***asbestos containing building materials ***in school district buildings.

FRIABLE ACBM has been removed, encapsulated, encased, or otherwise protected in accordance with federal (AHERA) and state (WISHA) laws.

NON-FRIABLE ACBM is being regulated in accordance with all federal and state laws.

All friable and non-friable ASBM discovered during the inspections are recorded in the AHERA management plan along with the approved response actions for each. Copies of the AHERA inspection report and management plan for the entire school district are available for public review at the administration office during regular business hours.

All questions regarding asbestos in the school district should be directed to the AHERA DESIGNATED PERSON: Marshall Howard, Rosalia School District, 916 S. Josephine Ave., Rosalia, WA 99170. (509)523-3061 – ext. 3005.


Rosalia School Districts provide Equal Educational Opportunities and Equal Employment Opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, age, economic status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, pregnancy, marital status, physical appearance, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability in its programs and activities. Rosalia School District provides equal access to designated youth groups and the Boy Scouts.  Rosalia School District complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to:  Title IX, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and RCW 49.60 (“The Washington Law against Discrimination’) The Rosalia School Districts compliance includes, but is not limited to all District programs, courses, activities, including extra-curricular activities, services, and access to facilities.  The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:  Civil Rights Compliance Officer: Brett Baum, Superintendent, 509-523-3061 – ext. 3118.

No Child Left Behind Act

The Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires school districts that receive federal Title I funding to notify parents of their right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers who instruct their children. As a recipient of these funds, Rosalia School District will provide you with this information in a timely manner if you request it. Specifically, you have the right to request the following information about each of your child’s classroom teachers:

    • Whether the teacher meets the state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grades and subjects he or she teaches.
    • Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status because of special circumstances.
    • The teacher’s college major, whether the teacher has any advanced degrees and the field of discipline of the certification or degree.
    • Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your child and, if so, their qualifications.

Rosalia School District is committed to providing quality instruction for all students. It does so by employing the most qualified individuals to teach and support each student in the classroom. If you would like to receive any of the information listed above, please contact Peggy Henning at 523-3061 – ext. 3116.